Imagine your Dream & Print It Out
Me Creator Min Desktop 3D
printer makes hi-tech available to
everyone! It is powerful and affordable.
The 3D printer allows you to print 3D models
with ease.Just let your imagination run free and
print your dreams into reality!
High Precision Extruder & High Quality Stepping Motor
The high precision MK8 extruder ensures smooth
extrusion of the filament. The high quality 42mm
stepping motor uses a large matrix to reduce
heat accumulation. Please make sure the max
temperature remains under 250℃.
Heat Bed for the 3D Printer
A heat bed is essential for a 3D printer.
Without it, the printing model would be raised
away from the base and get damaged or loosen
easily. The 150X150mm heat bed allows you to
print ABS/PLA structures at the highest quality!
Strong Braking Section
The braking section is composed of 4 customized
electrical motors including X Y Z axis motors and
E axis extruder motor. With 1.2A working current
and maximum 5Nm torque, the machine is adequate
to operate under all expected conditions.
The detail design of the machine makes it more
practical in use. USB fans for cooling and Led light strip
to see the model in better detail.
Powerful "Heart"
The circuit board which can be called
the heart of the machine uses the reliable
Sanguinololu Ver 1.3a board. Compact design
with great performance.
Technical Specifications Provides You the Primary Information
Case Footprint 300x290x300mm Max Extruder Temp 250℃
Net Weight About 6.3kg AC Input 110V-120V, 4.8A, 50-60HZ
220V-240V,2.4A, 50-60HZ
Printing Technology Fused Filament Fabrication, FFF Power Requirement 300W 12V 29A
Layer Resolution 0.1mm Connectivity USB
Build Volume 150x150x150mm Chassis Steel Frame
Filament Type ABS/PLA Build Platform Aluminum
Filament Diameter 1.75mm Motors 1/16 Micro Stepping
Nozzle Diameter 0.3mm Software Repeiter-host, Pronteface
Max Heated Bed Temp 110℃ System Compatibility Windows, MAC, Linux
Practical Use
Package List
  • Me creator
  • Power Supply
  • Tool kit
  • Snap-on Spool Mount
  • USB Cord
  • Starter Filament
A Video Guide for the Amazing 3D Printer!