A protective bag will be included with each GULEEK i8 as
an exclusive gift only from DX!

You can only enjoy the lowest price of GULEEK i8 at DX!

It has both a gorgeous appearance and strong “heart”.
Intel 4 core BAY TRAIL Z3735 low-power-consumption CPU, 1.8GHz,
assures the speed of the MINI BOX without overheating.

GULEEK i8 mini box
GULEEK i8 mini box

The MINI BOX runs a Windows 8.1 system.
The new multi-function meeting media center
makes business conferences quick and simple.
The idea of a paper-free meeting is finally coming true!

GULEEK i8 mini box

Home Entertainment center helps you share the fun of TV
movies and games with your beloved family. The built-in
3000mAh polymer battery allows you to enjoy blockbuster
movies indoors and outdoors.

GULEEK i8 mini box

Do you want your computer interface on your phone?
The exclusive Android phone projection of i8 allows the
WIN 8.1 interface show on an Android phone using a simple APP.

GULEEK i8 mini box

i8 has a metal frame and an ultra-compact
design that makes it easy to transport.

GULEEK i8 mini box

Want to control i8 with your mobile phone? The i8 Android
Phone App can turn your phone into a mouse for easy control.

Rock Your Life with the Powerful i8!

GULEEK i8 mini box GULEEK i8 mini box

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Please Note: GULEEK i8 will begin shipping on Jan. 6th.