Campaign Rules

1.Only logged in DX users may download the 2017 e-Calendar. Only 1000 pieces available,
   come early to get yours!

2.Users can participate in special activities by scanning the QR-code on the upper-right
   corner each month. Enter the invitation code printed on the calendar to participate.

3.E-Calendars will be valid for use beginning on January 1, 2017 (Winners of the Games
    Galore contest will be able to download e-Calendars in advance). There will be brand
   new theme activities and prizes waiting for you each month. Try your luck!

4.Each user ID will be entitled to one chance to participate in the special activity for each
   month, for 12 chances over the year, on a first come, first served basis. Users should use
   the corresponding QR Code and invitation code according to the calendar months.

5.Like Desktop Calendars, you may send this e-Calendar as a gift to others but please keep
    your invitation code safe.

6.DX reserves all rights to rules interpretation for this event.