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Coupons valid time : ( Dec 26th, 2016 00:00 - Jan 31st, 2017 24:00 UTC )

  • $5 Gift Coupon Code:
    2017GIFT Gift Link: $5 Gift Zone
    Minimum order: $100
  • $10 Gift Coupon Code:
    2017JAN Gift Link: $10 Gift Zone
    Minimum order: $150

    First 1000 pcs only

Simply add a gift of your choice to the shopping cart along with your purchase
making sure to enter the Coupon code before final payment .
No limit applies - every minimum order purchase earns a gift of your choice!

1. We will reward the 2nd, 20th, 200th and 400th order with a FREE gift! The faster you order,
the bigger your prize!
2. We will also draw 50 customers who use the coupon on the DX calendar to receive a special gift coupon by email after
they finish the order payment.
3. Winners list will be published on our landing page on January 11th, 2017 .


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