• 8 Hours

  • IPX5

  • Extra Charging
    for 3 Times

  • Passive Noise

  • Touch to
    Fully Control

  • Lifetime

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Comfort Fit

Protect your ear with ergonomic design

Super Small Size,
Most Portable.

1.2" Thick Charging Case
8cm x 7cm x 4cm

Incredible Sound Quality

Qualcomm chipset CSR Apt-X decoder with PANFREY wireless headset.The
solution reduces power consumption, ensures excellent transmission stability,
and delays transmission speeds to zero, providing a clear listening experience
with phone, music.

Bluetooth 5.0 and lossless HD rendering technology produce
deep bass and incredible sound quality.

Forgot to Charge Last Night?

Doesn't Matter, The Box Can Extra Charge 3 Times.

IPX5 Waterproof

Don't Worry Even If You Are Sweaty.

Passive Noise Reduction

Hearing Protection, Farewell to High Decibel Noise.

As You Like, Can Be Used
Alone or Paired

Control at Any Time
Without Your Phone

4 Sizes, Switch At Will.

Comfort Fit-Protect Your Ear with Ergonomic Design.

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    by Feature

  • Lifetime Warranty

  • Short Delivery

  • Feedback From Client

Value for Money 4.5

Battery Life 4.5

Comfort 4.5

Sound Quality 4.4

Noise Cancellation 4.2

If you have any questions or concerns, lease feel free
to contact our leading customer support team at
support @ panfrey-tech.com

1.They are amazing and then my son wanted some for Christmas and he loves them too! Great noise cancellation!! I’ve also accidentally washed mine twice in the washer and they still work great!!

2.Works great. Cancels sounds and battery last for days.

3、Sound quality is good and I made a test call and the other person didnt even realize i was using bluetooth, so microphone is good too.

4.I am surprisedly happy with these. They really hold a long charge, and are very easy to use. I like the way they turn on automatically. I also like the way they work individually or as a pair.

5.Wonderful little buds. Small enough to conceal in a beanie if you can't wear headphones at work. The battery lasts me about 10 hours with charging for 30 min at lunch

6.The most advanced Bluetooth technology provides me with the most stable, reliable and powerful connection. Can eliminate noise, it is waterproof, sweat-proof, rain-proof, very suitable for sports, running, hiking, cycling, gym functional exercise and all indoor and outdoor activities.

7.My husband bought at least 3 pairs of wireless earbuds,but all the earbuds easy falt out and miss,so he wants to buy a new one, when he found this one,placed an order. Now he bought this earbuds over one month and a half, he satisfied with it., doesn't fall out,sound great !

8.These earbuds fit well into my ears and have a great sound to them. They are not noise canceling, they are noise isolating, think of them as earplugs with sound. Love the charging case for in between uses. So far they seem to last about four hours before charging but I bet that depends on how often you use them and at what volume. I can't turn them up too loud or else I'd go deaf! Great buy!

9.I'm pleasently surprised by the great quality of these wireless earbuds. Sound is great, packaging and case are premium to say the least.
  The case charges with a USB type-C cable (included) and the earbuds attach magnetically to it.

10.Battery life is good, lasts through my work shift with no problem.
  I don't see a reason to buy more expensive options.

11.Good sound quality, noise cancellation and long battery life (I used it for a week without charging).

12.I always feel pains of my ears when I wear earbuds for a while so thankfully, this pair of wireless earbuds is so comfortable I don’t even feel it in my ear. I like the shape and they provide 3 different ear grips so they can eat everyone. The sound quality is also pretty good. This is the best pair of wireless earbuds with a price as good as this.

13.I have bought multiple wireless earbuds and these are truly the best ones that I’ve received yet

14.These earbuds have very good sound quality and I have been able to use them for about 7 hours before needing to recharge.

15.The case is very compact and acts as a charger.

16.I have small ears and sometimes earbuds are too large for me, but these come with multiple size silicone ear pieces so you can choose the size that fits you.

17.Mine are very comfortable and do not fall out, even when I tilt my head. I am very happy with them.

18.They have a good shape and fit the whole ear. Long-term use will not hurt, long battery life and sound balance.

19.Super super easy set up. Literally, peel off the plastic from the charging ports and they automatically turn on and are ready to pair.

20.My brother told me that he really enjoyed using them to make the ride more enjoyable. Bluetooth does not cut off the whole driving process. Even when he is driving, the volume is easy to adjust.